How much is Fantasy football costing your company?

Posted on: August 31st, 2011 by No Comments

Football season is here and that means so is Fantasy Football, another huge drain on productivity. Researchers estimate $9.2 billion in lost work from the 17.2 million people who may participate this season. Researchers claim an average of 20 minutes a day is spent by participants, however online comments seem to indicate that this is only the time spent managing the players. Confessions from participants suggest several hours of research and tracking statistics is done before actually setting their teams for the upcoming week’s games. This would indicate a much larger drain on productivity than calculated.

Several articles advocate that the benefits of participation outweigh the loss in productivity. Claims of increased camaraderie resulting in higher morale and worker retention abound. While this may be the case in some situations, management needs to access their individual employee performance and evaluate the effect on their company’s productivity. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is Fantasy Football a drain or a benefit to your company?

2. How many people in your office are participating?

3. How many hours are they wasting online?

4. How much are they being paid?

5. Is it affecting their ability to get the job done?

6. What will the cost in morale be if it is prevented in my office?

7. And the last question what is the cost to block visits to Fantasy Football sites?

Evaluating these variables will provide a better understanding to your company if it is something worth worrying about or not. If you find that the loss in productivity is having a negative impact on productivity, there are several different ways of blocking employees from visiting unwanted sites such as Fantasy Football and Social Networking sites. For help to block or even evaluating this for your company contact your trusted IT professional for guidance.

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