Phoenix SEO Tips II

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Search Engine Optimization Week 2Phoenix SEO

In the first installment of best practices for Search Engine Optimization, SEO Phoenix, we focused on editing images so they can be read by the robots of the search engines with the use of Alt tags. This is extremely important and is a small yet effective piece of the basic SEO puzzle. Understanding all the pieces of the puzzle will increase your rankings. Images are but one step of many to succeed in creating a website that will attract attention from the search engines and therefore increasing revenues for small businesses. In today’s competitive marketplace consumers have many more options and direct lines to the service providers than ever before. Utilizing your website to attract new customers is the most effective and least costly investment a business can make. In this week’s installment of how to increase your Search Engine rankings we will focus on the importance of backlinks. Backlinks are other sites in your specific industry that you can get to link to your website. This is viewed by the search engines as a sign of a trusted and valid website.


The Second Step:

Now that the search engine robots have read the site and identified that you say you are a “ Phoenix SEO Company ” does anyone else say you are a “ Phoenix SEO Company ” on the internet? This is where the links from other relevant sites and reviews come in to play. In this case the more backlinks existing to your site the better your search results will be. Be careful, there is a fine line with backlinks and results that can be crossed if too many are completed all at once. Though there is no set number, yet link farms are bad, they worked years ago but this has been shut down by search engines as cheating. This type of behavior can be very detrimental and could result in site being blocked completely.

Now that we understand what backlinks are challenge yourself to search out partner websites or association websites that will help in your journey to search result success. And if for any reason you should need additional help or have questions any Web Marketing Company or SEO Phoenix Company can help you to effectively and safely optimize your website.  Next week we will move on to the third and final step of optimizing your website for better results and higher returns.