Phoenix SEO Tip of The Week

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 by No Comments

Phoenix SEO Tip Phoenix SEO Tip

Fresh content on a website is very important to your search rankings. However did you know that quantity of the content per page just as important to the success of your SEO efforts? Making sure that each page that you want to be found by your customers must have enough pertinent content to read by the search engine roots. This is vital to the overall success of your Phoenix SEO strategies and should be evaluated on a regular basis.
This week we will focus on content and how to update your content. Certain methods exist that can update content without disrupting your current results. Example: if your page is ranked on the first page you should not change the content displayed on this page. However let us say that you have two products of services that are your most popular and most profitable products or services, yet the pages that represent these products or services do not show up in the first two or three pages of the search engines results. The first step to correcting this is to evaluate the content. Make sure that that the content is clear and not in the form of an image. All content must appear in text boxes on your website. If they are not and are technically images on the site correct this first. Second, if the content is clear and concise, does it speak to the products and or services you are attempting to highlight? If not, change it so that it does so without stuffing the content with keywords, reference last week’s article for information on keyword stuffing if needed. Once you have the content of the pages you wish to be found by your customers make sure the content is detailed enough to be found by the search engines. Though there are no exact specifications as to what the perfect number of words per page are, a best practice is to have more than 300 words per post or per content section of any page.
If you follow these simple suggestions you will see an uptick in your page rankings. One word of advice, do not watch the search rankings or results of your website every day. The rollercoaster ride that you will see can not only drive you mad but it can be frustrating and counterproductive to your business.