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Posted on: November 16th, 2013 by No Comments

The Algorithm GameSEO Phoenix Tip of the week

Over the past fifteen years search has evolved many times. Over the past five years we have seen one particular change that has altered the way we search as users and how Google provides results. This change has occurred in the way users are searching for products and services. In the past searches were short and sweet and done primarily on computers. These queries were typically less than five words per length. However as the understanding of search and how it works by the user improves and evolves searches have become more refined and in fact longer in length. The second most impactful change to search, from a user standpoint, is the method we are utilizing for search. Estimates today show that fifty percent of all searches conducted utilize a smartphone and that number is steadily rising every day. As the popularity of smartphones rise so do the number of searches. On September 27, 2013 Google announced their largest change to the search algorithm in twelve years. This happened to coincide with their 15th birthday. This change, named Hummingbird, is more significant and more complex than either Panda or Penguin, the two previous renditions of the Google algorithm.
So what does this latest change mean to small business? The most impactful change to a small business is not yet known. Today many questions still remain about the impact that Hummingbird will have on small business. One thing we know for sure, focusing on your content and how to make your product and service the best will ultimately increase your overall rank. One way to help your organic rank in Google is to focus on your geographic area. Provide relevant content to those in your area while prominently displaying your company’s physical address clearly so that Google and your visitors can read it. Doing this will help your results and increase traffic to your site.