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Phoenix SEO Tips II

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Search Engine Optimization Week 2Phoenix SEO

In the first installment of best practices for Search Engine Optimization, SEO Phoenix, we focused on editing images so they can be read by the robots of the search engines with the use of Alt tags. This is extremely important and is a small yet effective piece of the basic SEO puzzle. Understanding all the pieces of the puzzle will increase your rankings. Images are but one step of many to succeed in creating a website that will attract attention from the search engines and therefore increasing revenues for small businesses. In today’s competitive marketplace consumers have many more options and direct lines to the service providers than ever before. Utilizing your website to attract new customers is the most effective and least costly investment a business can make. In this week’s installment of how to increase your Search Engine rankings we will focus on the importance of backlinks. Backlinks are other sites in your specific industry that you can get to link to your website. This is viewed by the search engines as a sign of a trusted and valid website.


The Second Step:

Now that the search engine robots have read the site and identified that you say you are a “ Phoenix SEO Company ” does anyone else say you are a “ Phoenix SEO Company ” on the internet? This is where the links from other relevant sites and reviews come in to play. In this case the more backlinks existing to your site the better your search results will be. Be careful, there is a fine line with backlinks and results that can be crossed if too many are completed all at once. Though there is no set number, yet link farms are bad, they worked years ago but this has been shut down by search engines as cheating. This type of behavior can be very detrimental and could result in site being blocked completely.

Now that we understand what backlinks are challenge yourself to search out partner websites or association websites that will help in your journey to search result success. And if for any reason you should need additional help or have questions any Web Marketing Company or SEO Phoenix Company can help you to effectively and safely optimize your website.  Next week we will move on to the third and final step of optimizing your website for better results and higher returns.

Supporting local Arizona businesses!

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PC COPS is a proud supporter of local businesses around the valley. One of the ways we do this is to maintain membership in local organizations that help grow small businesses and keep revenue in Arizona. Recently PC COPS has joined  The Barter Group who holds regular events that support local business owners and shows them different means of promoting their businesses. Our CEO, Brian Ellison attended the last event to learn more about marketing our brand through linkedin. Here is a video that shows the value of this wonderful organization. For more information about Barter you can contact PC COPS or The Barter Group directly  at 480.443.0322 for more information.


Linkedin event with The Barter Group of AZ.


Arizona DPS system hacked: LulzSec group claims
responsibility, read more at AZCENTRAL

How could this happen? I would think they have the best
security software, firewall etc!! Well the best security is only as strong as
it’s weakest user (you are the weakest link). Approximately 80 percent of
security breaches start at the private user level. Most hacks are started by
finding that one company official/employee who unknowingly installed a botnet
on their personal PC then using that PC to access the secure network. From the
looks of the lulsec attack on AZ DPS this is most likely what happened. It does
not appear that they were lax with the security. But some person who had access
to their network unwittingly downloaded a free program, signed up for daily
funnies enabled access to his account, give access to facebook apps to make
changes to his computer, these are just a few examples how we could get
infected by malware or become a botnet.

What is BOTNET: This is becoming more and more prevalent.
Hackers write a program/script which basically allows them access to your
computer and internet. The program is usually hidden within applications,
images, websites which appear harmless. Once you give permission by installing,
downloading etc. you have bypassed your antivirus and security firewall. The problem
for the average user is the files and scripts are very similar to regular files
and you have no way to know what is legit and what isn’t.

A botnet file may be on your PC for a long time and you may
never know it is there, as it does not affect the average operation. Hackers
use the file on your pc to hide their identity, by connecting to the internet
through several infected computers it becomes harder to track their IP address.
They also use botnets to send out malware and capture sensitive data, such as
passwords etc.

How do I protect myself:

1. Stop downloading sharing free files, images, jokes, and
applications etc. from unknown sources.

Well I got it from my friend: Did
your friend create it? No!! then it is from unknown source.

If you are going to do this, do it
at home from a PC which does not have access to any other network such as your
job or business network.

2. Keep your antivirus current and automatically updating.

I paid for a year that means it is
good for a year right? Every day there are tons of new malicious software being
released, security teams are constantly working to block them. These blocks or
patches/updates are then sent out to protect you. However you will not receive them
if your antivirus is not automatically updating.

But the updates slow my system and
prevents me from working.

Most programs will allow you to set
a time for the updates, we usually recommend setting the time around your
schedule when your PC is on but not being used.

3. I have been careful but my pc still seems to be running
slow. This may be an indication of an infected system, however it may just be
that too many applications running at startup.

We usually recommend having personal computers checked once
every 3 months and business systems once a month by your local IT professional, this
gives them the opportunity to optimize the startup items and also check for
dormant infections.


I would hate to be the DPS employee responsible for this
security breach.

Stay safe and happy web surfing.


Hijackers are becoming more resourceful and aggressive, to get users to install malware, key loggers and spyware on your computers. Microsoft released research data yesterday June 16th 2011, Microsoft Survey Reveals Extent of Emerging Internet Phone Scam Over the past year scammers have started calling prospective clients up after they have researched your information. eg. Company name owner's name etc. Using your Name when they call helps them to gain trust, the next step is to identify minor errors in your computer log. Of course the average user thinks these errors are major issues, and willingly allows access to their computer. The scammer then has the ability to install anything they want to, usually programs to capture credit card and bank information.

How do you prevent this?
Simple. Hang up the phone. If you are worried about the security of your computer call your local IT company. Never give access to your computer to any unsolicited call or chat. If you desperately need to talk with them ask for a phone number so you can call them back, although this does not guarantee they are legit it reduces your chances. Scammers usually don't want to give you anything which would possible lead back to them.
If any of our readers have received such a phone call please let us know, leave a comment.

Want to Sync docs across devices…

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Ever find yourself wishing you could have the docs on your PC on your Windows Phone? Coming with the Mango update you can. 


Sync docs with all devices.


We thought the phone was good before the Mango update. The features that are coming with this update are going to only enhance the the phone even more. Keep checking back for the latest info on Windows Phone 7


Skydrive sync!

First look at windows 8

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Microsoft just released the first of a series of videos showing off the next version of Windows, code named "Windows 8". Is this revolutionary enough to keep them in the game in the consumer space? Check out this video and let us know what you think!


New Android App from Google

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Google rumored to release a merchant services app on some Sprint Android phones. Very interesting write up That would allow you to make purchases with your device at selected retailers. More information and full story here.


This is the highly anticipated Blackberry Playbook. This gives a simple yet informative look into the overall functionality and user interface of this device. Let us know what you think.


Question of the week.

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For the this weeks episode we have a question we would like you to answer: Do you think parents or law makers should decide what video games are legal for children to play? Give us your answer on our Facebook fan page. Catch the discussion on this weeks episode of The Digital Detectives.