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Microsoft held a mock funeral to show off their confidence in its’ new line of phones which are schedule to arrive in the early part of October 2010. First they air a commercial stating the start of a revolution is coming and now they are going to bury the iPhone. We sure hope they can live up to the hype they are espousing. 

Latest video showing off the EXOPC

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This video show off how fast and responsive the unit is. They have fixed the screen issue that was present

on the first prototype and now they have replace the original SSD drive with one that is said to be twice as

fast and it shows in this video.


Latest EXOPC video.

Twitter all over again…. but very different.

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For all of you that utilize Twitter in the many ways that you know and love there comes a and supposedly improved version.

As of today it will be rolling out a new version of itself and will be adding many of the features that you get from using the

Apps in the world that were written for this web service.

The new and improved Twitter site.


The Valley of the Sun has been selected as the home of Clearwire’s first and only test site for its wireless high speed internet. This will be a direct competitor to Qwest as well as Cox communication who are currently the only high speed internet providers in Phoenix.You will be able to get home phone service as well as home and mobile internet from one carrier. Clearwire hopes to have the products to offer to the valley in 2011. Read the full article from  

Don’t know about you but we are excited!

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This video gets our hearts racing with the possibility of a true competitor for the iPhone.

Is it the one that will finally dethrone the iPhone.

Only time will tell but we are waiting with bated breath!

Exciting News about the EXO PC

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The below message comes from the Forums of the great EXO PC! They have updated the timeline for the release of this great looking product. Keep checking back here for the latest news about EXO and more technology products.


Update: Pre-orders / Availability Timetable

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Here is a quick update about the timing...

3 Sept 2010
Pre-orders for the 1200 first members of the forum (yes, 1200)

20 Sept 2010
120 first production units (for final check) - at least two units will start new world tours
All the other units are for partners from around the world. They will be able to test the final hardware and software to take a decision. A couple of units will also go to a couple of journalists and bloggers.

31 Sept 2010
Start shipping pre-orders.
EXOPC starts taking orders from the developers only

Q4 2010
Ciara Vibe available in Canada - exact date not official, probably around the 15th of October
Also available from the US (online only) until a US partner starts shipping.


augen gentouch 781

With only a seven inch screen this will be difficult to use for any extended period of time. However at the price point of $149.00 this may be a solution for some. It is less than the iPad and the ExoPC is projected to be. However this device is still an Android solution which once again makes install programs like it is a computer not possible. This unit is packed with 2 GB of storage, 256 MB of Ram, and a Micro Secure Digital slot which it can be up to 16 GB. This being said some of you may only need you Google docs and Gmail. If so find your nearest Kmart and call to see if they have any on hand.

An Android Tablet coming in Q3

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Just so you can not say that the only tablet we are talking about is the ExoPC, which we think will be better then this one, we are posting this article from engadget. It seems to be a good looking tablet but is coming with the Android OS. Which means it will be limited on the software that you can install. At least it will be released in the not too distant future which is good. Read more about this tablet here.


Little did you know that if you were one of the people that jail broke your iPhone Apple wanted the right to sue you for doing so. This historical win for the EFF grants the right to the user of any smartphone to make use of the software as you see fit, including bypassing any protections put into place by the manufacturer. These were previously protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, but are now firmly in the “fair-use” category. However this change does not protect the rights of the people or companies that write the jail broken software. To read the full article click the picture below.


EFF Wins DMCA Fix!


HP executive has stated clearly that they will not be making Windows Phone 7 devices and focus solely on their newly acquired webOS, is this a wise decision? To see the full article click here then let us know your opinion at our Facebook fan page. Fan page link

HP's webOS Phone