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Looks like Netflix is going to be upgrading it streaming video service to 1080p and 5.1 surround sound according to engadget and CNET. This something that all of us who use this service have been wanting and looks like we might get it in the not to far off future. Click here to read more.

The FBI wants what???

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Some one please tell me they are kidding. The FBI is now asking for legislation that would require ISP’s to retain information on internet traffic for two years. It is not just the FBI that feel this is a good idea. Read this article for more information. Click here to read more!

Facebook members beware!

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This week there has been much discussion about the privacy settings on Facebook. Most users do not realize that the apps you all play can effect who sees you personal information and that of your friends. For the best article we have read yet on this topic, Click here . Renay San Miguel of TechNewsWorld has a straight forward way of explaining the truth about your privacy as a member of Facebook.

Facebook hears the screams of it’s users.

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Once again another successful change for Facebook, or maybe not… Shortly after our most recent episode of The Digital Detectives was recorded Facebook had heard enough. Facebook announced on Friday afternoon that  it would continue to allow users the ability to protect or not allow visitors to see who your friends are. At least there is still some sanity left in this world.

Yeah Facebook! Click here

Facebook privacy settings to change.

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Facebook is about to change the privacy settings for its 176 million users. We are linking to a fantastic article that explains all the details necessary to make the correct decision for yourself in how you want to configure your account. The most outrageous change in our mind is that your friends list and profile pictures are open for all to see regardless of the privacy filters you configure… If you think Facebook has infuriated its users before wait till they figure this out. Click here to read the full story.

Security Advisory for Adobe Flash Player

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As part of its semi-regular Patch Tuesdays, Adobe will release updates next Tuesday for Flash and Air. For more information Click here




As part of the monthly security bulletin release cycle, Microsoft provides the “Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification Service. For details on upcoming bulletins Click here

Sexting: Are you concerned about your teen?

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Follow the link to the MTV story.  Click here


There have been several new stories as of late focusing on the tragic tales of young people committing suicide after being publicly humiliated  stemming from nude photos of themselves being passed around the school.  How can you protect yourself and your children.  The best solution is to be involved as you already know. However here are some basic questions you should be able to answer;


Does your child / children have a Facebook page?

Are you linked to your kids Facebook page?

Do they have additional pages or sites you are not aware of?

Are you able to monitor cell phone activity?