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website evaluation

PC COPS is proud to offer any business a free website evaluation. PC COPS has years of experience in producing results for our clients. We understand the need that every small businesses has of driving revenue from their website. If your current search engine marketing company is not generating new business opportunities from your website today, we can help you. Websites today must be considered as a marketing tool and should have its own marketing strategy. Any effectively optimized website should be generating leads and be a source of revenue. If your website is not, we would love to conduct a free website evaluation for your website.

 Website Evaluation

This free website evaluation, will check such things like: inbound links, keyword focus, page rank, search engine readability and many others. We will then provide you with a comprehensive report derived from the free website evaluation with the necessary changes and adjustments that will increase your websites ranking on all of the search engines. This is a great opportunity to understand your websites current performance and see how to improve your results which will help to increase traffic to your website and therefore increase your revenue. There is of course no obligation attached to the free website evaluation. However we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.


The free website evaluation was create out of a need we identified from our current clients. These clients were using other SEO companies and were not seeing the results they were promised. We carefully crafted our evaluation to be impartial and address all of the key points in search engine marketing. Once you follow our suggestions you will see improvements in your overall rankings.
We at PC COPS pride ourselves in the fact that we never lock our clients to a contract, if we do not provide results, fire us!!

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