Want to Sync docs across devices…

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Ever find yourself wishing you could have the docs on your PC on your Windows Phone? Coming with the Mango update you can. 


Sync docs with all devices.

First look at windows 8

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Microsoft just released the first of a series of videos showing off the next version of Windows, code named "Windows 8". Is this revolutionary enough to keep them in the game in the consumer space? Check out this video and let us know what you think!


The Digital Detectives 18: Pretty Heavy

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This week with The Digital Detectives Brian and Lon discuss to many exciting topics to even list.  To be a part of the show visit us on Facebook or subscribe to the show to never miss another episode at iTunes. To leave them a voice-mail call (602) 456-0485 .

Show Links:

Kindle Store open to UK

Say goodbye to Google Wave

Kim Jong-Il could kill the internet

Should Microsoft make their own phone?

Windows 7 Phones to hit Europe first


Augen Gentouch 78

Samsung Tablet


Saudi Arabia to beat everyone to the punch

UAE's BlackBerry's ban

If you can't deal with it turn it off!

Android outselling the rest!

Rim Launches BB 6 Platform

BlackBerry Torch

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In this week’s episode Lon and Brian discuss, with much anticipation, Apples press conference, The iPhone engineer that warned of the antenna issue ahead of time, Toshiba and their brilliant contest, Microsoft's exec that bashes his own product, The ROI for the RIAA, Massachusetts paywall and Great wall, and the4 change in demand for the smart Phone industry.  To be a part of the show leave them a voice-mail at (602) 456-0485.

Show Links:

iPhone Press Conference

I told you so Apple

Toshiba Contest

Microsoft's exec mocks Vista


The Great Paywall

Consumer Demand

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