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Brian and Lon are back again this week with even more disturbing news about Facebook and provide ways to protect yourself. They also discuss Office 2010 for the desktop and mobile as well as a new video of the 4th Gen iPhone from Vietnam. Listen to the episode below, or subscribe via iTunes.

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Free Office Mobile 2010 upgrade for Windows Mobile 6.5 via The Download Blog

Microsoft Confirms Office Mobile 2010 and Consumer Office 2010 Version Dates via


In this week’s episode Lon and Brian discuss the recent purchase of Siri by Apple, how localized search is becoming the preferred method of search for users, and how advertisers can take advantage. Other topics include the HP Slate (is it really dead?) and integrity on the internet through the eyes of a user.

Show Links:

Apple buys app maker

Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

HP Slate killed? Rumor mill says 'yes'

Another Tablet Falls: HP Slate Canceled

HP Slate killed? Not so fast

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In trying to make up for lost time we have returned with The Digital Detectives Episode 4. In this Episode Lon and Brian discuss the breaking a breaking news story about HP and their purchase of Palm. Other topics include iPad, was it a game changer? AT&T reveals pricing for its data plans for the iPad. Is the iPad the end of the road for the Kindle and similar devices… and Tech Gifts for Moms?

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HP announces the purchase of Palm

AT&T's data plan for the iPad

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After a long break PC COPS has returned with The Digital Detectives Episode 3. This week Lon and Brian get together for a lively discussion about tablets in general and what the iPad brings to the table. Other topics include CBS’s revelation about hard drives in copiers, McAfee’s corporate anti-virus blunder and yet another Facebook privacy policy change.

Show Links:

Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets via CBS News

Buggy McAfee update slams Windows XP PCs via CNet

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In this changing economic time, the ways in which small businesses fill the pipeline with new leads has changed drastically in the last few years. For instance, the invention of social marketing is relatively new. The introduction of data mining on Facebook and Twitter as a way to drive business to your company is a relatively new concept. However it is growing at an alarming rate. According to some statistics, Facebook has an average of 250,000 new registrations per day since January of 2007.

Business today is an even more competitive place and one that allows small business to compete in markets that would normally be out of reach. This can be attributed to the phenomenon known as social marketing or social networking. However this means that the small business owner must be very prepared to understand the ramifications of starting down the path of these new outlets and how they reflect on your company. For example, did you know that every post that a person on Twitter makes can be found on any number of the search engines? Maybe you’re thinking so what…

Did you hear of a politician recently making a very inappropriate remark on his Facebook status and have to offer his apology publicly? This status update got him top story on several national new shows! He apologized and said it was meant for only his close personal friends. Does this make this remark okay? The point is that everything you post on the web is out and part of public record. Knowing this before you start participating on the Internet as a spokesperson for your company is a very good thing.

These social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others are great to keep in touch with people, but is there really an opportunity to generate revenue from leads off of these sites? According to Mobile Market Watch.com, US social networking revenues will reach $421 million in 2010 and nearly a billion by 2013. I have seen some estimates as high as $134 billion by 2015. These are staggering numbers that seem to lead us to a resounding yes; there can be a pay-off for social networking.

As great as these numbers sound, there are important topics to consider and answer for yourself about social marketing. How is what you do online representing your brand? Does it speak to your clients the way you would speak to them in person? Regardless of how large or small your brand is, your actions and words online will reflect on your company. For instance, it is shocking how many small companies do not own a domain. There is a simple way to tell if a company has their own domain or not. Look at their business card, if the email address on the business card is like this; Abespainting@comcast.net then they don’t. This is the best way for your business to look very small and not well established. This may very well not be the case, however perception truly is reality. You have even shorter amounts of time to establish report online than you do in a one on one in person exchange. Remember that any marketing page you make or post for your brand online again is a calling card for your business. If you are not proud of the page it should probably not be online for the entire world to see.

The good news about these small issues is that solutions exist for small business owners that will make their businesses look and feel like a larger well-established company without the enormous expense of servers and convoluted backup systems. Having hosted services like exchange and SharePoint will allow you to get your emails and contacts on a Smartphone or from any computer in the world connected to the Internet. Any decent IT company will be able to assist you to make these changes to allow you to appear and have all the benefit that a fortune 500 company would without the large investment. To become savvy in this new world of social marketing and networking you do not need to break the bank.

Finally an iPad review worth reading!

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Hundreds of reviews have been written about the iPad since it’s release to consumers. The problem we have found is they all had a slant leaning them one way or another before beginning the review. Paul Thurrot’s assessment is both objective and enlightening. This review gives insight to the device that others do not and key features about the device you should absolutely know before you buy. Read article here.

First look at the iPhone OS 4

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The guys at engadget were nice enough to share this video. It is a great first look at the latest updates to the all powerful “OZ” device known as the iPhone…


Personally, I think Apple should be very afraid of the Windows Phone 7 series devices expected later this year.

Forget the Pad Wait for the Slate!!!

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Watch this video and let us know what you think of this new HP device…



If we at PC COPS are receiving these emails that seem to come from Intuit, than we know our Friends are as well. The email reads as follows;

“Dear Valued Customer.

We deeply suggest you to install a valid Digital Certificate to have right of entry Intuit after 10 of March 2010. You can easily do it by installing your Intuit digital certificate on your machine. This procedure is automated and is very fast. You must present a Digital Certificate electronically to verify your identity or your right to access information or services online. It is used with the intention to make it possible to verify someone's claim that they have the right to use a given key, helping to prevent people from using phony keys to impersonate other users. Your web browser uses digital certificates to enhance the security of your online sessions with Intuit.

Nevertheless , your concerns about confidentiality and security might be preventing you from taking advantage of this new medium for your basic record. Encryption alone is not enough, as it gives no evidence of the identity of the sender of the encrypted information. With no special protections you risk being impersonated online. Digital Certificates address this problem, presenting an electronic means of authenticating someone's identity. Used in conjunction with encryption, Digital Certificates offer a more complete security solution, assuring the identity of all parties engaged in a transaction.

The Intuit server has its personal digital certificate to confirm you that you are in fact interact with Intuit and not with an imposter terminal.

To get your personal Digital Certificate, please download and install the Digital Certificate generation tool. When installed, follow the instructions to accomplish the generation process. Keep in mind, that your Digital Certificate will run off after one year, and you won’t be able to continue working with the Intuit after that. You will be notified to enter an automatic restorative process 30 days prior to certificate termination. “

This email is very bad and could seriously infect your machine! To avoid this DO NOT CLICK ANY OF THE LINKS IN THIS EMAIL! This is a very authentic looking fake that is utilizing images from the intuit website. That being said this is a VERY MALICIOUS email and should be deleted promptly! If you have already clicked on these links contact your local IT professional for help.

You have no right to privacy…

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According to the FBI and the Obama administration “Americans enjoy no reasonable expectation of privacy in their or at least their cell phones’ whereabouts”.  This is a must read article by cnet and Declan McCullagh. This is a battle for the rights of us all with regards to privacy.  Read full article here!